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About Us


Henry Sail story started when two friends imagined the bracelet that will embody a passion for discoveries and could be taken on

new adventures. The Baltic Sea and the smell of salt inspired us. The manufacture of bracelets was dedicated to the

nautical world: anchor, nautical rope and stainless steelThe anchor is a symbol of safety, hope and stability.  It's the perfect bracelet for

someone who wants to explore the world and have unforgettable stories.




We pay attention not only to the bracelet's details but also its style. Maritime motifs with classic details of elegance and modernity.

Our mission is to create a bracelet that inspires the customer to pursue new goals, travel, and excitement. You can mix and match the

bracelets to create endless combinations that suit your style.




Our customers are in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so there‘s no lack of variation. From the classic businessman or woman to the sportive

adventurer and fashion-conscious hipster. Your hobby, clothes, holiday destination - you have the freedom to do your own things with it.

There are no limits to your creativity and possible combinations.

Love, Henry Sail