About Us

        Henry Sail story started when two friends imagined the bracelet that will embody a passion for discoveries and could be taken on new adventures. Our brand was born in Klaipėda, the city of Lithuania. The Baltic sea and smell of salt inspired us, the manufacture of bracelets was dedicated to the nautical world: anchor, nautical rope and stainless steel. The anchor is a symbol of safety, hope, stability. The perfect bracelet for you who explore life while getting anchored to the things that really matter.

Our bracelet's design, materials and colors are thoughtfully planned to fit the lifestyle of modern individuals. Our bracelets come in a variety of colours such as silver, gold, rose gold and silver black. You can mix and match the bracelets to create endless combinations that suit your style.

Extraordinary attention to detail is paid in the creation of trend-oriented designs which range from classic and elegant, to flamboyant and edgy. Our mission is to create a product that delights and fascinates people. Our bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and brings out the color in your outfits.

Our customers are in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so there‘s no lack of variation. From the classic business man or women to the sportive adventurer and fashion-conscious hipster. Today there are plenty of possibilities to show your personality and style. Your hobby, clothes, car, holiday destination – you have the freedom to do your own things with it. That certainly counts for the bracelet around your wrist.

Our bracelet is dedicated to all of you loving the sense of simplicity mixed with a touch of craziness and style. The perfect bracelet for those who always remember their cultural values and dreams.

Henry Sail bracelet gives your look character and personality. There are no limits to your creativity and possible combinations.

Love, Henry Sail.