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The Henry Sail bracelet is made of stainless steel and high-quality natural leather. It is a sensational new bracelet that has already made so many of the customers to fall in love. A thoroughly crafted accessory is extremely strong and will be a loyal partner in all of your life the most exciting adventures. Match the colors, personalize it with a unique engraving and create an exclusive accessory for YOU.



•    Stainless steel;

•    Suitable for allergic skin;

•    Strong natural leather;

•    Water resistant;

•    Unisex (for her and him);

•    Engraving for up to 5 characters.

Region Standard shipping Express shipping
Europe 5-8 business days 1-2 business days
Asia 6-12 business days 2-3 business days
USA 5-10 business days 1-2 business days
Canada 5-10 business days 2-3 business days
Australia 6-12 business days 2-3 business days

Henry Sail bracelets can be returned or exchanged within 14 days after engraving if the quality does not satisfy you or the item shows manufacturing errors. Read more about our return and exchange policy on F.A.Q. or Terms&Conditions page.

18 Reviews
Marija G.
Verified buyer
2019 December 24
Labai greitas padarymas, apyrankės kokybiškos
Vega B.
Verified buyer
2019 September 20
Ļoti skaista, atnāca 10 dienās, esmu ļoti priecīga❤️❤️❤️
Eva O.
Verified buyer
2019 September 12
The bracelet has a very good quality of metal and leather which it consists of, also, the graving was done very well too- exactly the same as it was shown on the picture on the website. Overall the grade for the work is definitely the highest
Laima B.
Verified buyer
2019 September 12
Viss lieliski. Tā bija dāvana vīram. Viņam ļoti patika. Pirmdien no rīta pasūtīju, otrdien jau saņēmu Omnivā. Tiešām lieliska rokassprādze. Noteikti kādreiz pasūtīšu vēl. 😊
Inga K.
Verified buyer
2019 September 11
Labai daili apyranke, kokybiskas darbas, dekui :)
Greta M.
Verified buyer
2019 September 10
Dėkoju už apyrankes. Jos praskaidrino mūsų su vyru nuotaikas per mūsų vestuvių metines :)
Margarita V.
Verified buyer
2019 September 09
Apyrankės gražios, išmatavimai puikiai tiko. Pristatymas labai greitas. Viskas super, ačiū. Gal tik graviravimo reiktų ryškesnio, bet viskas gerai.
Betti T.
Verified buyer
2019 September 08
Graveering on täpselt selline nagu sai tellimusele pandud, ei ole ühtegi viga! Suurused parajad, ning vastavad valikutele. Käevõru värv ei määrdu vee all olles käele! Värv ei kulu, ka metall osa mis on kuldne, ei kulu! Mega rahul! Tarneaeg omniva postiga tellides vastab tõele! Kinkepaki kujundus on imeline mere sinine ❤️ Kinkekarp on meeletlu ilus valge ❤️ Olen kõigega rahul ja kindlasti ootan juba uusi kollektsioone🙏🏽
Getter M.
Verified buyer
2019 September 08
Näeb väga kena välja
Lukas G.
Verified buyer
2019 September 07
Mesurements could be clearer, we measured it for a perfect fit as it says, and its a little tight, but overall its great
Kätlin M.
Verified buyer
2019 September 05
Käevõrud olid pildil ilusad, aga tegelikult on nad veel ilusamad. Arvasin, et mees paneb käevõru sahtlisse hoiule, aga talle meeldis värv ja disain väga ning kanname neid nüüd iga päev :)
Aušra V.
Verified buyer
2019 August 28
Totally amazing and unique bracelets! We just loved them from the first sight! Thank you! :)
John T.
Verified buyer
2019 August 16
Fits perfectly, really good quality and the engraving is clear and visible
Rita J.
Verified buyer
2019 August 16
Apyranke pirkau sesei dovanų ir ji dovana liko labai patenkinta. Kurjeris pristatė laiku. Ačiū labai.
Justina P.
Verified buyer
2019 August 15
Labai patiko spalva, graviravimas ir aptarnavimo kokybė ❤️
Kristaps T.
Verified buyer
2019 August 15
White with gold looks awsome. Simple & easy order. Same with delivery. Fast without any dramas. So easy with "Omniva". Great job!!!
Katriin V.
Verified buyer
2019 August 07
Good quality and looks great!
Merily V.
Verified buyer
2019 August 01
Väga rahul tootega! Kvaliteetne ja ilus! Aitäh!
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It is very important to measure the exact size of the wrist because the size is not adjustable. Measure the exact size of the wrist without any gaps because there are additional centimeters because of the clasps. If your wrist size matches with 2 sizes, please pick the bigger one.

·        Standard woman wrist : 15 cm – 16.5 cm

·        Bigger woman wrist: 16.5 cm – 18 cm

·        Standart man wrist: 18 cm – 19.5 cm

·        Bigger man wrist : 19.5 cm – 21 cm

See instructions how to measure the wrist. If you have any questions please contact us.

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